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Product Description: CAT Combat Application Tourniquet, Medic Pre Hospital Life Saving Hemorrhage Control Application.
  • LIFE SAVING HEMORRHAGE CONTROL – Designed to compress the limb to restrict blood flow. Lifesaving device in both tactical and non tactical situations. Applicable to arms, legs, thighs and so on. The flexible universal fit is a crucial first aid essential for yourself or anyone else.
  • ONE HAND WINDLESS CLASP – The tourniquet is designed to be applied using only one hand giving you a free hand to attend to other needs of the injured individual or allow you to apply the tourniquet to yourself. 100% effective in restricting blood flow in upper and lower limbs.
  • QUICK ACCESS IN CRUCIAL MOMENTS – In an emergency situation you need to act fast. The red tip is designed for immediate location and identification. Easy to fit in a backpack or larger first aid bag.

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