Wound Seal – 2 Pack


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Wound Seal Topical Powder Care First Aid for Cuts, Scrapes and Abrasions Single Use
2 Per Pouch
  • STOP BLEEDING IN SECONDS – from lacerations, abrasions and wounds with Wound Seal Powder. This innovative powder combines with blood to form an instant scab, sealing out dirt and impurities to help accelerate healing.
  • HYDROPHILIC POLYMER – and potassium ferrate powder creates a protective scab that becomes waterproof in just about an hour. Because it does not rely on clotting factors Wound Seal works for people who do not easily bleed.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE – for the whole family from grandparents to children even the family pets. Respond quickly to kitchen accidents, skinned knees and mishaps wherever they occur
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY – Wound Seal can be carried in the pocket, purse, handbag or luggage. Keep handy at the playground, while camping or on vacation.

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